You don’t need a fancy gymnasium or organized sports to get kids active.

As parents, teachers, caregivers, guardians, or adults, we must value physical activity for both ourselves and our children. We should provide kids with opportunities to be active. Interaction with technology, urbanization, academic pressures among many other factors has made our children less active. They should be encouraged to play.

Children look up to us for examples of how to talk, dress, act, and lead a physically active or inactive lifestyle. Involve them in farming, cooking, walking, gardening, house chores, and exercise with them as they stay at home through the pandemic. You don’t need a fancy gymnasium or organized sports to get kids active.


Biking, swimming, skating, skipping, and walking are great ways of keeping kids active.
  1. Their Motor Development and Growth.

Exercise will help our kids to grow physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally in so many ways. Set a regular schedule for physical activity and ensure they are eating healthy for strong bones and muscles.

       2.  Health and Fitness.

  1. With regard to health and self-image, it improves self-efficacy in our children.
  2. Compared to those who are inactive, physically active youth have higher levels of fitness and stronger bones and muscles.
  3. Cognitive (brain) and physical (body) development go hand in hand.
  4. Jungle gyms, monkey bars, and obstacle courses at neighborhood playgrounds are fun and they allow them to use their body weight.
Active children have a better chance of active adulthood.

The lure of electronics and video games has made it more challenging to motivate kids for the recommended 60 minutes a day. But, if parents, health and exercise professionals, and anyone else who cares about kids, commit, we can help young people learn to love and care for their bodies- not only in their youth but across the lifespan.

The ease with which they can access junk foods in our homes, shopping malls and even some schools are worth our attention as adults. Be the role models! active children have a better chance of active and healthy adulthood.


Start them early and keep them active.
If you focus on fun and positivity, and your  kids will come back for more play. Avoid competition, discipline and embarrassment when you play with them.  Remember to praise them for trying. Factor in their age group, body size, personality, fitness level, experience and movement technique as you plan for them.
An hour of supervised activity involving proper movement and progression is good enough. Enroll them in clubs to amp their social skills but biking, dancing, swimming, skating and skipping are wonderful options for them.

As kids, we would often get upset about the way our parents handled things. As parents and we get to make the decisions. Our power and influence as parents, caregivers, guardians, teachers and adults will have a tremendous impact on the next generation.



  • lee

    June 4, 2019 @ 5:51 am

    it is really a must for kids to have physical activities and to get moving as thru play and physical activities like sports they grow holistically. These tips to motivate kids are awesome

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