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TweetWHAT  I WISH I KNEW EARLIER IN MY CAREER. TIME MANAGEMENT As a personal trainer, I am only paid for the hours I work. There are of course so many hours each of us can work in a day.  I had to figure out how to better leverage my time mainly because I wanted to […]


TweetAs parents, teachers, caregivers, guardians, or adults, we must value physical activity for both ourselves and our children. We should provide kids with opportunities to be active. Interaction with technology, urbanization, academic pressures among many other factors has made our children less active. They should be encouraged to play. Children look up to us for […]


TweetRunning not only helps clear your mind, burn calories effectively but it also builds strength and endurance. Your body size, pace, and duration of your run might determine the number of calories you burn. It is free to step out in most estates, fields, paths, roads, and very affordable hobby in our parks. The Arboretum […]


TweetYou needn’t become a fitness-clothing junkie like some of us, but buying new workout shorts or comfy new athletic shoes can get you fired to exercise. You feel like a workout pro, and let your fellow exercisers know that you are part of the team. Getting into fitness opens up a whole new world of […]


TweetI have routinely asked myself why I have kept writing. There is no obvious answer but over time I realized I kept at it. My desire for a healthy community and the chance to create sustainable, healthy changes in my clients’ lives has kept me going. As I utilize this space to bring to flower […]


TweetStaying Motivated Staying motivated is a  dynamic and sometimes difficult process for us. Both in exercise and life, the best way to stay motivated is to appreciate the smallest wins and to improve bit by bit. The human spirit always wants to improve. We may have the desire to improve our careers, education, knowledge, skills, […]


Tweet  The communal benefits of coming together with friends and doing something difficult, while encouraging one another, pays dividends beyond exercising alone. Simply walking through our door, for most clients, is a big deal and can cause major anxiety. They have no idea what to expect and quite often are expecting the worst. We try […]

Go The Distance.

TweetMost of us find it easiest to stay consistent when they work out first thing in the morning while some prefer evenings. Just make sure a sweat session happens since a workout at any time is better than none. Focus on getting the right mindset too, because preparation is the key to success. Deciding to […]


TweetGentlemen, I know that you love your family. You love your wife. You love your children. You would be willing to die for them. Today, I have something to say to men who love their families, who care for their families and who would die for their families. Isn’t that why we go to war?  […]


TweetExercise may trim your waistline. It may improve your self-esteem, flexibility, posture, strength, physical function, and physique. The list can be endless. We have placed a lot of emphasis on physical health and ignored issues to do with mental wellness. It should be more about the transformation of the entire body. Exercise can also be […]