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Tweet ┬áHold Your Breath as You Exercise. Breathe in freely as you walk, run, exercise, or stretch. Do not hold your breath. We need regular Oxygen to feed our muscles. Breathe out when you raise the weight during a bicep curl but inhale as you lower it. For push-ups, inhale as you lower to the […]


TweetThe world of health and fitness is hyper-competitive hence as fitness trainers, we are slowly losing the art of designing safe and appropriate fitness programs. Today’s world presents us with clients who may only get to meet with us once or twice per week. Maybe thrice and if they are lucky and may do very […]


TweetRunning not only helps clear your mind, burn calories effectively but it also builds strength and endurance. Your body size, pace, and duration of your run might determine the number of calories you burn. It is free to step out in most estates, fields, paths, roads, and very affordable hobby in our parks. The Arboretum […]


TweetDancing has become such a popular way to be active and keep fit. Most fitness clubs now offer dance classes in their group exercise programs. Health experts and fitness specialists also approve of dance-based exercise routines and unanimously agree that dance has evolved into a form of exercise for weight loss and physical fitness. Indeed […]