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TweetThough we can’t lace up your sneakers and do the push-ups for you, at Feel Fitness Center we will walk the fitness journey with you all the way. “Will exercise really help me lose weight?”.” Which brands of home equipment are most reliable?”. “Which weight training exercises are best for beginners?”. “What are the best […]


TweetAt Feel Fitness Center we educate and sensitize the community on the importance of improving their health and well-being one step at a time. Our dedicated staff will walk with you and help you become an expert in your own progress towards the new behavior that supports diet, nutrition and fitness changes. Healthy eating does […]


TweetTight muscles can be frustrating, painful and as a result limit movement. As we age, we find it hard to do the simplest of chores that we enjoyed during our youthful days. For some of us, life’s simplest of pleasures like tieing our shoelaces, bending, scratching our own backs and a bunch of other activities […]


TweetTaking too much alcohol can prevent you from reaping the rewards from all the work you have put into exercise. If you are aiming for weight loss and good overall health, you might want to consider drinking less and more wisely. Alcohol is one of the greatest sources of hidden calories in our diets, containing […]


TweetDrinking water might sound boring, it might not be the tastiest beverage. It has no calories but the benefits are out of this world. Our body and its systems can only function optimally if there is proper circulation of Oxygen and nutrients in the blood-stream. Among the many benefits of proper hydration include; a)Improved digestion […]