About Us



At Feel Fitness Center (FFC) we are dedicated to inspire others to live happier, healthier lives by offering a wide range of safe, effective and fun exercise programs. Our fitness training programs are science based and include assessment, functional program applications, strength, endurance, flexibility, progressions and nutritional strategies.

Our commitment to you

Our guided programs are focused on behaviour change aimed at specific fitness goals.

  • We help you become an expert in your own progress towards your new behaviour that supports diets, nutrition and fitness changes.

Our commitment to our community

  • We share in common the desire for a ‘healthy community’ that encourages the community to take responsibility of good health and wellness.
  • We educate and sensitize the whole community on the importance of being physically fit at whichever age or life stage you may be in.
  • Exercise does not discriminate, it is good for everyone and more fun when you do it with a friend. The communal benefits of coming together with friends’ and doing something difficult while encouraging one another, pays dividends beyond exercising alone.


Our clients are an integral part of our business and we want you to know that you are part of the Feel Fitness Family. When you register you get discounts on our kids’ holiday camps, merchandise, hikes, workshops and events. And we don’t stop there, we mix in more goodies

  • Free subscription to quality Feel Fitness newsletters packed with ‘health community tips’ latest health and fitness news, trends, nutrition, workouts, program design.
  • Free fitness assessments, recommendations to our members.
  • Offer discounted rates on adults who can document high levels of physical activities, such as attending marathons, triathlons, completing obstacle course races.


We have highly trained professional trainers who are inspired to do what they do because they enjoy helping others reach their fitness and health goals.

Our trainers have high ethical standards and professionalism at what they do. They will help you become an expert in your own progress towards the new behavior that supports your diet, nutrition and fitness changes.


We encourage the use of body weight training making ADL (Activities of Daily Living) easier to accomplish.


Why Choose Us?

With science-based professionalism and with more than 15+years of experience in the fitness industry.

Gym 100%
Yoga 100%
100 95%
Swimming 100%
Kick Boxing/Cardio 100%



The Founder
Philip is an Exercise and Sports Scientist and certified by the American Council on Exercise, with over 20 years of experience under his belt. He is very passionate about impacting the community and mentoring upcoming athletes and fitness professionals. Apart from inspiring others to live happier, healthier lives, he helps those around him at work or home develop their strengths. He also chairs the Fitness Professionals Association of Kenya.