Month: January 2020


TweetStaying Motivated Staying motivated is a  dynamic and sometimes difficult process for us. Both in exercise and life, the best way to stay motivated is to appreciate the smallest wins and to improve bit by bit. The human spirit always wants to improve. We may have the desire to improve our careers, education, knowledge, skills, […]

Go The Distance.

TweetMost of us find it easiest to stay consistent when they work out first thing in the morning while some prefer evenings. Just make sure a sweat session happens since a workout at any time is better than none. Focus on getting the right mindset too, because preparation is the key to success. Deciding to […]


TweetThough we can’t lace up your sneakers and do the push-ups for you, at Feel Fitness Center we will walk the fitness journey with you all the way. “Will exercise really help me lose weight?”.” Which brands of home equipment are most reliable?”. “Which weight training exercises are best for beginners?”. “What are the best […]